Chewing The Fat

My knees are creaky;
my faucet’s leaky.
In my mind, I’m a smoking hot chick.

I remember when,
I would wow the men,
How and when did my middle get thick?

I have sharp joint pains
and varicose veins;
I moan, most mornings, rising from bed.

Men don’t make passes,
can’t find my glasses
and it’s said, age is all in one’s head.

If that lie is true,
I’d be twenty two,
without the worn wrinkles etched with age.

I’d not have a care,
about graying hair,
nor pretend to be wiser or sage.

I’ve learned a few things
that living life brings…
Fleeting youth races by us too fast.

We’re here a short while;
it’s better to smile,
so… it’s ironic that teeth don’t last.

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