Often in dreams, she comes to me,
with memories and poetry,
my muse, unraveling at the seams…
She comes to me, often in dreams

On sleepless nights, she walks with me
and talks of flights of fantasy,
that soar among celestial lights.
She walks with me, on sleepless nights.

She tells me jokes, midst midday’s crush.
Alarmed, I must tell her to hush,
as she pokes fun at other folks.
Midst midday’s crush, she tells me jokes.

Seducing me in passion’s flame,
are would be loves who call my name,
invited by her imagery,
in passion’s flame, seducing me.

Untamed, wild soul, she’s born of me,
I tamp her down, stuffed secretly,
a hidden half of this tame whole.
She’s born of me, untamed wild soul.

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